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Pre-Solar Energy Audit & Report

    We have noticed that the recent State and Federal solar tax incentives, as well as SDG&E rebate programs, have created some serious misconceptions in the public eye.  Unfortunately some sectors of the solar industry are then using these misconceptions to their monetary advantage. 

  In brief, using standard industry practices, the sizing of solar panel arrays are calculated using the buildings preceding year’s energy consumption records. These sizing calculations then produce misleadingly ( but seemingly accurate ) numbers which are then used to “guide you” into purchasing oversized (and expensive) solar systems.     

To those of us in the energy savings industry it is a well established fact that, in many cases, spending considerably less money in energy efficiency upgrades will almost always save clients significant solar array costs. 

   This is due to the fact that it is almost always possible to reduce your energy losses so significantly and cost effectively that you will no longer require an array as large as was originally calculated. 

   This pre-emptive strategy results in a healthier, quieter and more energy efficient home for the rest of its life span as well.  It’s truly a win-win-win methodology that we highly recommend.    

To help guide home and business owners in making better informed solar choices we utilize our basic home auditing procedures as well as a more solar specific set of analysis procedures and recommendations.

    At Green Home Services we offer you comprehensive and effective energy efficiency auditing services to find the weak links in your home or business' energy efficiency equation.

We know it’s the combination of our lifestyles and the quality of the buildings we inhabit and work in that produce the energy consumption figures that result in un-necessarily high energy bills.  By using a few professional testing and verification procedures we will show you how a few cost effective improvements can lower to your monthly bill. 

In order to produce the most effective analysis of your particular energy usage patterns we have designed simple multi-pronged analysis strategies.  To thoroughly explore the quality of the physical attributes of your buildings, we use a 150 point checklist to gather information about it's basic energy related parameters and equipment.  During consultations with you or your building manager, we then fill out a brief worksheet on daily energy usage habits and equipment settings. This helps us to better understand the dynamics of your daily energy consumption patterns to consider in our final report. 

After our thorough inspection is completed we enter the findings into the California State Certified software that we have found to be the most effective and useful on the market today.  This software then generates a comprehensive energy efficiency report that, when combined with our expertise, allows us to develop a strategic action plan of energy efficiency improvements for you to consider.

We offer several different price plans depending upon your personal energy efficiency goals.  Please Contact Us or fill out our Service Request Form for more detailed information and pricing..



























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