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Green Home and Business Owner Services

- Energy Audit & Report -

 Have us conduct a basic home or business energy audit to determine your buildings HERS index rating. (More)

- Pre-Solar Energy Audit & Recommendation -

 Includes our HERS indexing Energy Audit, and a detailed consultation with our recommendations. (More)

New Title 24 Compliance Verifications

- Duct System Testing -

  Heat and Cooling loses from leaky HVAC components are often THE most common and usually least expensive problems to fix in a building. Even rather small leakage rates in standard air handlers and duct work installations WILL result in completely un-necessarily high energy costs. (More)

- Blower Door Test -

  With our specialized equipment we can pressurize ( or depressurize ) your entire building (similar to duct testing) and quantify its leakage rate as well. This type of leakage is most commonly due to poor window and door sealing. (More)

- (S)EER Verification -

  (Seasonal) Energy Efficiency Rating - New State mandates require system performance verification. (More)

- TXV Verification -

  (Thermostatic Expansion Valve) Air Conditioning system component verification (More)

- Fan Watt Draw -

  A digital diagnostic test of the HVAC fan efficiency. (More)

- Buried Ducts -

 If Title 24 credit is taken for Buried Ducts, Our HERS Verification is required. (More)

- Quality Insulation Installation (QII) -

  Perhaps the most overlooked (and easiest to overcome) energy loss area in any building is missing or poorly installed insulation products. Our specialists are trained to detect even the most minor details of incorrectly installed insulating products. (More)

- Refrigerant Charge Measure Verification -

  Our HERS team can verify that the correct refrigerant pressure exists in accordance to the manufactures specifications. (More)

Our Specialists

- CEA/Title 24 Specialist -

Our Title 24 Specialist can help you with any of your new Title 24 plan requirements. (More)

- LEED Specialist -

  Our LEED AP specialist can help you design and verify all levels of LEED certification. (More)























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